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RHS Minutes 2022-01-11

Minutes of RHS January 2022 meeting, 7pm on Tuesday 11th January by Zoom

Apologies: Stefania Rosso and Kate Wolstenholme.

Present: Joanne Alexander, Jamie Aitchison, Eva Wendler, Gary Jenkins, Summer Dean and Rob Stephenson; and guest Julia Valentine.

We welcomed Julia to the meeting. She moved from London over a year ago and wants to become more involved in the community. With only 45 minutes of free meeting we sped through the agenda.

Next meeting agreed for 7pm Tuesday 8th Feb, probably Zoom again.

The minutes for the October meeting had been agreed at the AGM.

Future of the Website: Having explained the current position to Julia we agreed to talk directly to her as she has skills in this area.

Catcreep amphibian patrol: Kate W has circulated an email to all those previously involved in the monitoring, and she will co-ordinate this years count. Eva reported that the first newt has been spotted, sadly squashed, on the steps.

Low Traffic Neighbourhood plan: we agreed to ask Dominic Furlong if there was anything the committee/Reporter could do to further the action. Jamie agreed to tell Dominic that we'd like to raise the lack of road markings at the junction of Princes Crescent, Wakefield Rd and Richmond Rd with the traffic officer he is seeing soon. Julia said that traffic is still taking that bend too quickly. The 20mph signs we have do not help where 20mph is too fast!

Abandoned bikes on racks: Although the Council abandoned vehicles department have promised to visit our overcrowded bike racks to label apparently abandoned bikes nothing has happened yet (action promised in mid December). Rob has pursued them again this week.

Blue Plaque unveiling 10th March: on 101 Round Hill Crescent. All committee invited to be there, and to Martha Gunn afterwards for a drink and nibbles. Please let Rob know if you plan to attend.

More publicity agreed for March Reporter, Facebook and Twitter.

Bank Account progress: Gary reported that he should have charge of the account by Thursday, when Andrew will finally be freed. Lloyds have been the source of the delay.

Paying for Neighbourhood Watch style posters: We agreed to reimburse those people who have bought and shared this window bill.

Charity Christmas payment: even though the Society did not run a seasonal singing event (one was organised by Steve Bustin, and raised over £300 for charity) we agreed to put £100 of Society funds into a local charity. Three were suggested, and we selected FareShare after an impassioned plea from Jo.

Dogmess on the streets: Problem getting worse (as it always does in the colder/darker days). Rob will pass the posters he has been holding onto Jamie, with some plastic wallets. Eva has more spray paint for the stencils, but needs dry weather and a fitter neck (soon hopefully) to get out and apply. The name 'Cut The Crap' was mentioned, and Summer offered to dress up as a dog turd for the sake of publicity!

Street Event: Jane Power mentioned a street event tied to Queen's Platinum Jubilee (3rd to 6th June). We talked about helping something happen, perhaps tied to a Playsafe event on Mayo Rd and even a table top sale.

New street play co-ordinator is Laura-Kate Roe, and Rob will speak to her soon.

During the meeting Julia Valentine agreed to join the Committee.

The meeting ended abruptly and afterwards members agreed to give departed members Andrew P and Kate R a gift, perhaps wine.

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