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RHS Minutes 2022-02-07

Minutes of RHS Zoom meeting Monday 7th Feb 2022

Present: Jamie Aitchison, Rachel Walker (possible new committee person), Jo Alexander, Julia Valentine, Stefania Rosso, Gary Jenkins and Rob Stephenson. Apologies received from Kate Wolstenholme.

Next meeting 8th March at 7pm - Zoom or 51 Upper Lewes Road

Matters arising from previous agreed minutes: Toad patrol awaits Kate W for signs (of toads) and notices (about toads). Traffic calming/planters actions (led by Dominic Furlong): he has gained a £200 grant from Pete West (Cllrs discretionary awards) for a new planter, and has walked Cllr and Traffic officers around Princes Cres and Wakefield Rd to raise the issues and discuss solutions - now awaiting their report, to include new white lining at Wake/Rich/Princes junction. Jamie has put up 25 dog mess posters and has spotted new stencilling (Eva perhaps?) and thinks there is less mess on the streets. We discussed a couple in D'Aubigny Rd known to be careless in cleaning up after their dog and agreed to deliver some dogpoo bags with a polite note. Laura-Kate Roe has applied for Playsafe street closures on Mayo Rd (2-4pm) 24 April, 24 July, 28 Aug and 30 Oct. Plus all day (10 to 10) 5th June street party.

Treasurer's Report: Gary joined at this point and reported that he has access to the account and has made 2 payments - £100 as previously agreed to FareShare and a refund of stencil spraypaint costs for Eva Wendler. Also £6000 received from Council for costs related to Long Wall mural, Rob meeting artists on Thursday 10th.

Gazebo Rental: We agreed to advertise it for rent to Round Hillers at £10 a time, in both the Reporter and on Facebook. Jamie will seek a photo to accompany the advert details.

Reporter content: FareShare piece, Dog mess actions, Toad watch volunteers link to Kate W, Blue Plaque unveiling story and date, Gazebo rental, Playsafe dates and Street Party date, Baking for others scheme, Library of things proposal, Greening update (including traffic calming?), New Committee members!, Abandoned bike follow-up, Advent window reprise with pics, historic photo, poetry corner. Recycle better piece also raised.

Any Other Business: We should ask/encourage Dominic, Laura Kate and Claudia to join committee. Failing that we must ensure they know we are here to help. Stefania wants dates (Tuesday early eves) for Good Gym cleanup actions, most likely latr in year. Last bike D-lock is about to be handed out by Summer. Rob announced that he intends to leave committee and cease producing the Reporter after the June issue/meeting, citing a dimming flame of enthusiasm, and making way for new folk.

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