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RHS Minutes 2022-04-04

Minutes of RHS meeting 4th April 2022 at 47 Richmond Road, 7 to 8.30pm.

Present: Jamie Aitchison, Jo Alexander, Gary Jenkins, Rob Stephenson and (on screen) Julia Valentine. About 8pm Stefania Rosso joined us, and Jo had to leave. Apologies from Kate Wolstenholme.

A number of others had been invited and although none could attend three did send useful comments on the theme of the future of the Society - Jane Power, Annie McCabe and Andrew Partington.

The main purpose of the meeting is a continuation of March meeting's discussion of where and how the RHS is going:

The Reporter: All agreed that it serves a valuable function, and both Jamie and Julia agreed to take on the creation of future issues. Rob will provide as much material as possible about its production and funding, with contact details of relevant people. He will also inform those people of the coming change in personnel. The June issue will be Rob's last, and ideally Jamie and Julia can be involved.

FacebookRH Noticeboard: Jamie has tried to create a RH Society page in order to post as the Society on Jane's RH Noticeboard. Jane says it is possible to ask (in page mode) to join, and she will allow it. So far we have not succeeded. It will be a useful way of keeping the Society's profile a little higher.

A RH Society email: We do have a gmail account in the Society name, Stefania will remind us of how to access it. We will also need to monitor its inbox, once we start using it.

RH website: Following discussions last month Ted provided some useful stats about number of pages viewed. In the first 10 days of March just short of 5500 pages were viewed, with a peak of 1190 pages viewed on 7th March. Ted is still a key way we upload minutes and Reporters onto the website, but we now have Julia who knows how to do these things and has access as well.

Other Society actions: Rob has agreed to include the committee googlegroup in any and all correspondence he generates as the Society. He will also create a document of all the functions he can recall that the Society has been involved in, along with contact details. He will also inform all his correspondents in this regard that he is leaving, and offer an alternative email (perhaps the RH Society gmail???). Whilst nobody agreed to take on the secretary role, it was agreed that the committee would act together to tackle each and any issue as they arise, perhaps dividing functions as things progress.

Other matters: Garden party/picnic: Jan has agreed we can hold an event in her garden on Sunday 26th June. We decided to invite the Friends of Round Hill googlegroup (and perhaps others??).

Next meeting will be 7.30pm on Monday 9th May, at either Stefania's or Jamie's.

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