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RHS Minutes 2021-03-09

Minutes of RHS Zoom meeting 7pm Tuesday 9th March 2021

Present: Rob, Andrew,Jo, Eva, and a little later Kate R, Gary and Stefania. Apologies from Kate W, Jamie and Summer (after setting up meeting and sending invites).

Next meeting: Tuesday 6th April 7pm. Summer will book it and send invites out.

After quickly summarising minutes of last meeting they were approved by the meeting.

Street Party: After some discussion we agreed eveything depends on Covid rules, but perhaps a garden party at Jan and Rusty's could happen late July or later. We will need to discuss with Jan about her feelings about the risk. A simple plan for a bring your own food/drink event would be least demanding, and easy to cancel if necessary. A proper Street party seems much less likely, given the need for a council agreed road closure, best hope might be a Halloween Street Play.

Communal Bins: Jo has been approached by the Deputation group to act as a link person between them and us. Jo expanded on the nature of the consultation - it being between communal bins or an extra wheelie bin for each household on the selected streets. A few streets are exempt because they have pavements considered wide enough for (a box and) two bins each. We await a copy of the full audit which may tell us more.

We discussed whether or not we should do more awareness raising before the consultation, and agreed that none should happen until we know more of the detail. One area we will address is the help available to elderly and infirm who may struggle with using communal bins, or even large wheelie bins. Our real job is still to encourage participation in the consultation.

Community Works continuing membership: Stefania spoke strongly in favour of renewing membership for useful conferences and contact with similar groups. In addition she offered to represent RHS at future CW annual meetings. We agreed to renew membership (which is free). Rob will do it.

Mutual Aid: Stefania had sent an email outlining the types of help available under the banner Mutual Aid, it is reproduced below.

Below my follow up from my recent conversation with Mutual Aid reps, Channy and Jo. Current active Mutual Aid initiatives open to the residents in our area:

Olio Sustainable Food Sharing via Food Waste Heros (incl Stefania) Balfour Food Bank - until end March/April only. Grub Hub Food boxes for families (north laines/preston circus/roundhill?) BrightStore - local, affordable food community (Hollingdean) Brighton Cooking Club - Central Area NFA supply in Lewes road (in front of Co-op).

Stefania said she would circulate an expansion of this so that we might better understand what is available, and post it in both noticeboards (Andrew and Rob). It seems that accessing aid in this lockdown has been difficult and we might be asked to help finance particular schemes. We agreed to consider specific proposals. Andrew agreed to write some notes on how we might agree to fund.

Any Other Business: Stefania reported that Bela Emerson, founder of Silver Strings, has offered to use our Zoom account to perform a concert for local residents. We agreed it a good idea though wondered how to publicise it widely, perhaps Bela has ideas. Stefania will liase with Bela to try to arrange something before lockdown ends. Eva has bought more spray paint and plans to renew 'clean up after your dog' pavement signs. Dominic may assist, but others can step up. She is donating the paint to the Society, though Andrew did offer to reimburse her. We will place Good Gym clean-up on next agenda. Toad counting group doing well, and Eva was keen to report that one adjacent landowner has enlarged the gap between gate and ground for better amphibian access. There will be an article in June Reporter.

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