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Useful role for resident(s): bid for money from The Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner's Safer in Sussex Community Fund to support a Neighbourhood Watch or similar in Round Hill. Read more.

Police Community Support

Round Hill

Police Community Support Officers

Liaison with the university of Brighton

If you have any concerns or questions relating to the university please let me know, you can also contact our service on the Community Relations email
Andrew Keeffe, Community Relations and Housing Advice Officer, The Manor House, Moulsecoomb Place, Brighton BN2 4GA

The Brighton University Community Liaison Team acts as a bridge between our student population and the local community. They help with a multitude of issues including housing, legal questions and community relations to promote and maintain positive relationships in the Brighton area. The team also includes our own warranted police officer, Roisin Vafaee, who is dedicated to crime prevention as well as assisting any student who has been the victim of crime.

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Liaison with the university of Sussex

Click here to read the advice which the university gives students on "being a good neighbour". This includes the following:

Neighbours can complain about your behaviour to:

  • your landlord or letting agent – they can enforce clauses in the tenancy agreement and take action
  • environmental health at Brighton & Hove City Council – it can serve warnings about noise and noise abatement notices, which are legally enforceable (and if broken you could be taken to court)
  • us – as a student you have signed up to the Student Charter, agreeing to behave considerately in the community. If your behaviour breaks this then we have a complaints process in place, which includes disciplinary action.

Cuts to Police Community Support Officers

Following severe cuts to local policing including the loss of the Police Community Support Officer dedicated to our area, Sandy Thomas from The Round Hill Society wrote to Katy Bourne's office. Click HERE to read


Bidding for Funding for Neighbourhood Watch

Possible bid for Safer in Sussex Community Fund awards

For this, we would need to offer a project to reduce crime &/or improve community safety in Round Hill. This might be something akin to a Neighbourhood Watch.

The advantage of Neighbourhood Watch is that groups around the UK have applied themselves to finding solutions for many concerns which we share in Round Hill. See table (below)

Antisocial behaviour   Elder abuse
Bicycle theft   Hate crime & incidents
Burglary   Password protection
Car crime   Rural crime
Child sexual exploitation   Scams
Dog theft   Serious violence
Domestic abuse   Terrorism

Also, it offers a structure which the police are used to working with. See: 

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