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RHS Minutes 2021-04-06

Minutes of RHS committee meeting 6th April 2021 @ 7pm.

The meeting was attended by Summer Dean, Jo Alexander, Jamie Aitchison, Gary Jenkins, Rob Stephenson, Andrew Partington and, later, Stefania Rosso. Apologies were received from Kate Rice. Ingrid Ramirez, Kate Wolstenholme and Eva Wendler did not appear.

Next Zoom meeting set for Tuesday 11th May at 7pm, Summer will set it up and inform us by email.

Minutes of the March meeting were agreed. The proposed musical event on our Zoom account has been dropped as we are slowly leaving lockdown.

Mutual Aid - all is in a state of flux though demand is not expected to fall, Stefania will update us when the plans settle.

Website - Andrew has circulated info from David Guest which proposes a new Wordpress blog as our area of the current website, where we can update/add content. It can be contained within the existing site and have links to existing content. It may be feasible for David to bring the body of the site into the same format as a new Wordpress blog. His existing 'proof of concept' Wordpress within can be found here: We liked the idea, still feel we need to identify just what we want to include on the new front end (the Wordpress blog), and need to be sensitive to Ted's feelings. Rob will contact David to discuss how we go forward, perhaps via a Zoom meeting which Summer will join (as our best but very busy tech person).

Catcreep actions/ideas - Without Kate W we did not discuss how the survey is going. We set a date for the Good Gym to come and help us cut back excess vegetation - Tuesday 14th September at 6.30pm. Summer has heard that Sinna1 has been approached by Kelly Westlake to create a toad and newt mural on one of the house sides at the top of the catcreep. RS will contact owner of 2 Richmond Road to see if he would accept it. Summer has put Rob in touch with Sinna1 in order that the idea has at least committee support, and to see how/when he hopes to do it. Kelly tells me she needs to discuss funding it with Daryl and Summer - so, not sorted then.

Long Wall Action - Sinna1 has got funding and a youth group to create a mural on a part of the long wall. He wants to talk to us about where and what. We need to be involved. RS will contact him, with Summer's introduction. We still have a tub of magnolia masonry paint for tag-obliteration. Rob and Jo may get around to doing some soon. Thanks to a jog from Kate R I have also brought Melanie Smith into the debate/discussion/potential action.

Blue Plaque on 101RHC - Rob reported that, after a site meeting with the chairs of the Plaque panel and 101 RHC freeholders company we have finally agreed just where to affix the panel, and currently plan to unveil it on perhaps 21st June. Wording still being agreed with panel members. There may be a song from cast of Clean, the musical.

AOB - Jo reminded me that communal bin consultation was to be a regular item. She brought us up to date on activity by the campaign group, noting that Cllr Pete West seems to be getting more pro-active, and that there is no date for the consultation yet.

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