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RHS Minutes 2021-05-11

Minutes of RHS 11th May 2021 zoom meeting

Present (though not all at the start): Andrew, Jo, Eva, Kate R, Rob, Gary.

Apologies received: Summer and Jamie. No word from Kate W, Ingrid and Stefania.

Next meeting: Tuesday 8th June 7pm Zoom. Summer - I think we need a tutorial on starting as RHS, we got lucky this time!

The April minutes were agreed without amendments. One follow-up item was what shall we do to mark the departure of Jan Curry from the committee. After discussion we agreed to ask her soon, Rob will do it.

Accounts: Andrew shared a summary showing transactions since last meeting - no income but £16.64 for toad crossing signs, £43.17 and £14.39 for Zoom subs (Jan - April), £33.75 from Greening budget plants. £3931.09 for RHS, £1716.25 for Greening and £529.94 for Blue Plaque.

Website update: Rob has communicated with David who says it will be easy to place a Wordpress blog at the top/front of the existing website. Meanwhile we need to agree a set of rules and procedures for operating/updating/checking/revising the site. Andrew will send his outline around again, and we all should express our views on each element. He will then analyse the responses and circulate the results.

Reporter content: Poem, Street Play (Kate R), Murals, Blue Plaque, Eva's activities with kids, Heritage Open Door participants, Communal bins update (Jo will ask someone), big elm loss, new assisted crossings at west end ULR. Toads will feature, if I can learn how it went. Copy deadline 21st May. Stefania on Mutual Aid.

Murals Update: Rob reported on meeting Daryl (Sinna1) on 14th April and talking about location and content of long wall mural and how we might help, also toad/newt mural on catcreep, and its funding. have now contacted owner of 2 Rich Rd but still dealing with his concerns. Might we use some RHS money to progress it? We talked but reached no particular conclusion. Rob will go back to Daryl and press him for what he needs from us, and to raise issues raised by houseowner.

Blue Plaque for 101 RHC: 21st June unveiling has slipped, wording still being discussed, Rob is urging more progress especially as funding is in place. We have probably missed any input from 'Clean - the Musical'.

Communal Bins Group: Jo reported that they send letters and pictures of messy ULR bins weekly to the Council, then rebut the Council's claims about how well they work. We discussed the new WCCTV at three of the five communal bins sites along the road.

Street Play: Kate R has heard that the Council will accept applications from 21st June, but she has concerns about collecting signatures on the doorsteps of Mayo Rd residents. There is also a need for new storage location for the signs and barriers, as well as a new source of water and electricity for refreshments. In addition Kate is stepping down as organiser, but she has found a replacement. After discussion Kate agreed to ask Jamie if he could help store kit, and if Roundhill pub can help with refreshment kit. Kate will ask more widely for help in a piece for the Reporter. Given Council time lags we might restart StreetPlay in September.

Annie's Award proposal: Annie Rimington/McCabe got in touch to say if we had a community award scheme she would nominate the guy with dog, radio and litter picker who cleans up around here. We discussed the possibilty of a scheme and agreed it would be possible as a Round Hill Heroes nomination scheme in which anyone could propose a person for something good/worthy. The form of recognition would simply be a letter from the Society with some agreed form of words. Andrew agreed to draft something.

AOB: Eva reported an increase in speeding vehicles travelling on RHC, she thinks they are using it as a way of bypassing blockages on the ULR, perhaps lorries servicing communal bins. Eva has had a bike stolen from outside their home and is reporting it to the Police Eva had 2 complaints about dog poo stencilled notices. One was on the pavement directly outside someones door, so this type of location will be avoided in future. The other was from a resident who complained that such signage attracted dog poo - we dismissed this as without substance. Andrew wanted to know if Jan Curry might still offer her garden for an event. Rob will ask when asking about her RHS gift choice.

R Stephenson

12th May 2021

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