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The Round Hill Society Constitution

1. Our name
The name of the Society is ‘The Round Hill Society’.

2. The area we represent
The Round Hill Society represents the area comprising the Round Hill Conservation Area and the north side of Upper Lewes Road between Wakefield Road and the eastern end of Roundhill Crescent. This area is referred to in this document as ‘The Area’.

3. Our members
Everyone who lives within the area we represent is a member of The Round Hill Society.

4. Our purpose
The purpose of The Round Hill Society is to benefit The Area by:
1. Promoting high standards of planning and architecture in or affecting The Area.
2. Securing the preservation, protection, development and improvement of features of historic or public interest in The Area.
3. Educating others in the geography, history, natural history and architecture of The Area.
4. Improving standards of environmental quality in The Area, including traffic issues, streetscape, signage, street cleaning and ‘greening’ through street trees and planting.
5. Creating and promoting civic pride and a sense of community within the area of benefit.

5. The Round Hill Society Committee
To support the purpose of The Round Hill Society, the Committee have the power to:
1. Submit suggestions to the relevant Council Committee of actions to preserve or improve the character or appearance of The Area.
2. Encourage societies and individuals to voluntarily improve their local environment.
3. Act as a source of advice on major planning and other applications which could affect the character of conservation areas and/or buildings of architectural or historic interest.
4. Assist in the development of policies to improve and protect conservation areas and buildings of architectural or historic interest.
5. Help co-ordinate and co-operate with the local authorities, planning committees, and all other statutory authorities, voluntary organisations, charities and people that have aims similar to those of The Round Hill Society.
6. Promote research into subjects directly connected with the purpose of The Round Hill Society and to publish the results of that research.
7. Promote or support activities fostering community spirit throughout The Area.
8. Undertake and support fundraising activities by Round Hill Society members, and to invite and receive contributions from people which support the aims of The Round Hill Society.
9. Purchase or acquire items of property, and sell, lend, dispose of or turn to account any items of property that belong to the Round Hill Society Committee.
10. Hold relevant meetings and events, and publish literature.
11. Give advice and information to educate the public.
12. Undertake any other lawful activities that support the achievement of our purpose.

6. Meetings
An Annual Community Meeting will be held each year, and the Round Hill Society will agree the date of this meeting and open it up to the community. These meetings will be used to discuss community issues, elect members to the Round Hill Society Committee, and share the financial accounts for the year.

7. The Round Hill Society Committee roles
The Round Hill Society Committee includes the following specific roles:

All committee members will relinquish their roles each year. At the Annual Community Meeting:
All previous Committee member will be eligible for re-election
Any Society member may nominate themselves / someone else to be a Committee member
Voting in of Committee members will take place, with at least a nomination and a second nomination for each member, and consent from the nominee

The Round Hill Society Committee will meet at least six times a year, at fairly regular intervals.

8. Declaration of interests
Any Committee member who has any direct or indirect financial or professional interest in anything discussed by the Round Hill Society must declare that interest prior to the discussion, and won’t take part in any vote on it, unless agreed by the Chair.

9. Use of Round Hill Society funds
The Round Hill Society Committee may use Society funds to pay administration and management expenses. After administration and management expenses have been paid, the Committee may use the remaining funds to further the purposes of the Society.

10. Amendments
This constitution may be amended at the Annual Community Meeting by a vote of Society members. At least two thirds must agree to the changes.

11. Dissolving the Round Hill Society
The Society may be dissolved by a two thirds majority of members voting at an Annual Community Meeting. Notice of such a motion must be given by letter to the Round Hill Society Secretary at least 28 days in advance of the Annual Community Meeting. In the event that the Round Hill Society is dissolved, the remaining funds will be transferred to other societies or institutions with a similar purpose to that of the Round Hill Society, as agreed by the Round Hill Society Committee and approved by two thirds of Society members at the Annual Community Meeting.

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