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RHS Minutes 2018-01-16

Minutes RHS Meeting Tue 16th January 2018 at Ted and Jane's.

Present: Committee - Ted, Kate R, Barbara, Ray, Annie, Kate W, Jan, Eva, Miriam, Stefania and Rob. Guests - Cllr Pete West and Barry Hughes, chair of Sylvan Hall Residents' Assoc.

Apologies: Vivien Eliades, Harry Brignull.

Long Wall: Annie outlined the situation and history of the wall and then suggested that we should consider some mural panels depicting native species of trees and wildlife, possibly rising up to chalk downlands and sky. This will need money and renewed agreements from those most affected. A further planting of ivy is proposed but with bigger planting holes to encourage successful establishment.

Barry saw no problems from his residents, and suggested we seek support not from Housing but Economy, Environment and Culture (Nick Hibberd/ Val Burchill). Cllr West suggested we seek funding from Sussex Community Foundation (who administer the Rampion Offshore Windfarm community fund of £3m over 10 years), Veolia Environment Trust (Steve Usher is local man), Pride Social Impact Fund (Tim Ridgeway Chairs it) and possible Section 106 funding from the Planning Dept (Liz Hobden). Plastic Bag funding from local supermarkets was suggested by Kate R and Barry suggested the B&H Heritage Commission.

Tagging of new murals was seen as a risk, and Pete W suggested Simon Bannister at Council might have a view. Maintenance will have to be part of the costings, but live planting will slowly take over from the murals (over several years). Several artists should be approached. Daryl Bennett is SinnaOne and he indicated £100 per square metre when we met him in Sept 2016. He did the doggy mural in North Laine for Brighton Festival director Laurie Anderson - pics on Argus website. Local art students may be useful. There is a local artist called Tabby Riley (website same name) who might be interested, I gather she is interested in local community stuff and could certainly do the job. Whalefest was mentioned as potential partner/sponsor. Greenwall element ties to Biosphere and International Year of Biosphere 2020, happening here in the city and seeking community engagement.

The bid - will need a single side of A4 to engage Council (clearly thought out, supported locally and no Council funding). But a fuller bid for potential funders. Content to include: Costs including maintenance, and existing costs; residents' views in support/ community engagement; Council support; planting methodology, testing, avoidance of pesticide; other supporters - IYB2020, SHRA, Triangle, RHS of course, Biosphere (now The Living Coast); Env Impact Assessment; the timeline of development and decision making. Annie and Rob to meet Thursday 18th to rough out document, run past Pete West and pass to Miriam to tighten and polish!!

Springclean Day: Sunday 18th March agreed, if Damian Mamura can support, Annie to check. Should also use other RHS's Britain in Bloom/ Its Your Neighbourhood event period - 18th June to 13th July. And the local arm in Brighton: South and South East in Bloom and Brighton Green Spaces Forum. Some want to involve Food partnership and adopt a garden scheme, link to planned Open Garden event. Kate W keen to share gardening skills. Possible plant swop/sale in conjunction with Playsafe events.

Googlegroup e-mail: Rob will e-mail all committee e-mails to Stefania so that she can ensure we are all invited to join.

Waste Transfer Station: Awaiting spring for action, but a Facebook page to publicise every complaint would be good.

Community Safety Fund: No real offers to progress the idea.

Jolly Poacher Social: Saturday 10th February from 4pm. To be promoted by us.

March Reporter content:

  • Martlets money (£304.54) from Seasonal Singing, who they are, singing photo, certificate image, thanks to Sainsburys for refreshments (Barbara)
  • Advent Windows report with pics (Miriam)
  • Playsafe proposed dates/ parallel events (Kate R)
  • Long Wall piece

Spring clean Sunday 18th March, meeting point, support, activities and times (Who?)

More on Gardening opportunities of various sorts - Bloom/Neighbourhood, Rich House, Adopt a garden (Who?)

Death of Margaret, 10 D'Aubigny Rd (Annie)

Book Group (via Kate R)

Approach 3 pubs for a piece - Gunn, Poacher and Brewer (Who?)

International residents - who is here, how about meeting up? Food? (Stefania)

Thoughts from lady who grew up n Rich Rd and Knew Victoria pub (Barbara)

Next meeting: Tuesday 27th February at Annie's, 8pm.

Any Other Business:

  • New big white light in catcreep.
  • Bridget in Warleigh Rd may be useful re plant sale
  • Argus reported raids to close drug dens across Brighton, since then no movements at low number Rich Rd basement. No needles reported in big garden to east of Catcreep. House on corner ULR and caledonian Rd is occupied, though looks increasingly derelict.
  • A flat at 6 D'Aubigny Rd has had uPVC windows installed - Annie to pursue planning enforcement team.
  • Stefania keen to engage our international community, possibly in a pub which might allow food to be brought. As well as piece in Reporter she will write something for website, via Ted.

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