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RHS Minutes 2018-09-18

Minutes of RHS meeting of Tuesday 18th Sept 2018 at Stefania's

Present: Sharron (guest designer), Stefania, Jan, Annie, Kate R, Eva and Rob.

Apologies: Barbara, Vivien, Miriam, Kate W, Ray and Ted.

Date of AGM: on 17th October 2018 at Pavilions, Richmond House. Meet 6.30 for 7pm, all over by 9pm

Date of next meeting: Next RHS ordinary meeting will be at Jan's, 8pm on Wednesday 7th November 2018


Annie summarised the minutes of the last meeting and we discussed matters arising:

Street trees - We agreed to put this on AGM agenda.

  • Tackle Richmond Rd and Upper Lewes Rd differently as the former may be easier to carry out.
  • A map with Rich Rd tree locations - present and future will be made.
  • Get a costing per tree for Rich Rd.
  • For ULR we will need more money for Road re-instatement and kerb realignment (several thousands per stump).
  • Neil Brothers (Arboricultural service) said the small tree on the ULR has been the cause of 2 insurance claims for property damage.
  • Annie suggested that the substantial bike rack spaces on the road might be a location for a tree.
  • Rob will ask Elspeth (DRARA) for costing details for tree planting.

The RHS letter expressing concern about lack of action on drug dealing from basement property in Rich Rd resulted in CPSOs delivering letters asking for info on drug dealing being delivered to local addresses.

We linked this to a brief report at AGM from Pavilions on their service, and a possible Neighbourhood Watch scheme. Annie will invite the Inspector Paul Ransome to attend to attend the AGM, or send a representative, to offer advice on the scheme.

We looked at Sharron's latest version of the A5 leaflet to be delivered to places which are demonstating a lack of understanding of how to use their black (BHCC) recycling boxes. Annie had created a letter to accompany the leaflet, but we agreed it would be better to combine the two into a slighlty amended leaflet. Sharron agreed to make changes to emphasise its just for BHCC black box scheme and to add something like: 'if your black box has been left full then you are probably not recycling right'.

Annie will get support from City Clean for our clean-up on 14th October.

Our seasonal singing date does not suit Andrew Partington. Rob will see if a better date can be found.

We decided to create a 'Friends Of Round Hill' googlegroup for folk who help but are not on the committee. Should have Sandy and Henry, Peter Meakins, Ted and Jane, Sharron and more. Stefania will create it when she receives a-mail addresses.

Not-the-AGM planning: Kate R, Eva, Rob, Stefania, Jan and Annie all willing to stand again. This will be Annie's last year on committee! Annie will speak to others on their willingness, and Ted on him being a 'Friend of Round Hill'. We can ask for people to join the committee from the meeting - 13 is current maximum committee size.

See tree planting above - it will be a small display with tree photos, a plan of Rich Rd possible sites and some costings. On ULR could state advantages of street trees - slowing traffic, cleaning air, providing shade, creating habitats and breaking up angularity of urban scene as well as calming and soothing users of the street.

Inspector Ransome or another to be invited re Neighbourhood Watch.

Helene of Pavilions to speak briefly about their work based in Round Hill

Cllr Pete West to attend and speak briefly.

Emily and Marek (Unite the Beat) will be asked to outline their scheme - someone must invite them!

Meeting to be asked about:

  • Christmas Social at Jolly Poacher
  • Renewing membership of Brighton and Hove Heritage Commission
  • Proposing Rob S as rep on Commemorative Plaque Panel
  • A crossing on the ULR: Need to see if there is support for it by asking the meeting.

A raffle is planned. Sharron will approach Duke of Yorks to see if they will offer a pair of tickets. Raffle tickets will be given to people as they come in.

Sharron will also invite Mel of Green Centre to attend and say a few words about her project, and what it can accept for recycling.

AOB: Annie will do an article for Dec Reporter on becoming a 'Friend of Round Hill' We may produce a regular snippet in each Reporter about 'reduce, reuse and recycling' Eva will try to put a link to our website on the relevant bit of the My brighton and Hove website.

Meeting closed about 10pm.

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