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RHS Minutes 2019-01-22

Minutes of the RHS meeting of 22nd January 2019 8pm at Barbara's - 14 Mayo Road.

Present: Barbara, Annie, Andrew, Kate R, Kate W, Vivien, Jan, Miriam and Rob

Apologies: Jamie and Eva.

Kate Rice has moved across the road to 72 Richmond Road, and is enjoying the increased space. The cat seems to be settling in.

The minutes of the meeting held on 12th December were approved. Barbara will read through to ensure they are suitable for posting on the website.

There were no matters arising.

Dates of forthcoming 2019 RHS committee meetings The next two meetings will be

Tuesday 5th March at Eva's home - flat 2, 19 Round Hill Crescent, and

Tuesday 9th April at Jan's home - 58 Richmond Road, both at 8pm.

We raised £170 whilst singing. Barbara will draw 2 cheques, each for £85, one made out to 'Brighton Housing Trust' and one to The Real Junk Food Project (exact name to be found by Vivien and given to Barbara) and will then pass them to Rob and Vivien who will send with suitable covering letters. Annie will write to Sainsburys thanking them for their contribution and telling them what was raised and where its going. She will also send card to Ted and Jane thanking them for letting the wet singers indoors for the drinks and nibbles.

Jan has drafted a letter to all newsletter deliverers asking them to update her on exact numbers needed for their rounds. It will go out with the March Reporter. She also told us that Alan of 45 Rich Road wants to give up his round, a new deliverer is needed for his 60 copies.

Belton/Crescent Roads development - change in conditions application: The developers have applied for the 'no on street parking' condition to be dropped. They have provided some figures which show there is room on the streets, but an analysis by Dominic suggests they have bent the rules and favoured their desired outcome in several ways. Ted has posted (on our Facebook page) clear guidance on what an objection should contain. Annie will compose our objection, and summarise it on Facebook for others to adapt in personal objections. We will indicate that we feel the Carelet application made last year and still undetermined, should also be rejected. We want Developers to believe conditions are real and permanent, not just something to agree to for now, then work hard to reverse later.

Other planning matters:

1. The large dormer window application made by new owners of 54 Richmond Road has been objected to by Annie on behalf of the Society. We want the owners to understand its not personal, so Kate R will write to them explaining the importance of the view from afar, and perhaps suggesting Velux windows are the usual solution.

2. Annie outlined the current application to remodel a barn at Upper Roedale Farm site at the North end of Hollingbury Woods on Ditchling Road. The building was recently sold by the Council - which is desperate for cash - without it being Listed as of historic importance, although the Council had acknowledged its history. The Brighton and Hove Heritage Commission is actively seeking Listed status to stop this over-enthusiastic remodelling.

3. Andrew asked if more had come from the developer looking to erect student housing beside Sainsbury's access ramp, in a yard at the back of Hollingdean Road housing. Annie said nothing more had been heard from them since we said we would meet them again if they had something new to say.

Follow-up on Rachel Chasseau's visit to us in December: (Rachel is the new Assistant Director City Environment - which includes City Clean and Parks). Several members had noticed that recycling boxes are being left with lids on, rather than in or nearby, as used to be the case. If this continues we should thank Rachel.

Annie outlined the proposed Graffiti Strategy which will concentrate on

  • encouraging commercial landlords to remove graffiti on their premises (this will include the Council).
  • The Council also hope to establish an at-cost over-painting team.
  • A database of tags is also planned - which could help establish properly costed fines when prosecuting these vandals for the criminal damage they cause.

The Council would like to recycle more plastic packaging, but there is no current market for plastic trays, tubs and cartons.

Annie will circulate links to these and other documents from Rachel.

London Road LAT (Local Action Team) report: Annie attended their AGM (RHS is a member). They have been supporting the use of big bins for refuse on Viaduct Road, and now the Council are replacing individual black boxes with big bins for recycling. The road is looking better. The LAT has also helped secure funding to place gates on the alley behind the Bat and Ball pub at the end of Oxford Street. These will be locked at night (like the gates a little further south on Ditching Road, between Ditchling Road and Queens Place). They are also actively trying to improve three big planning applications:

1 Oxford Street Doctors surgery and rear carpark - to demolish and build a bigger Health Centre serving a large area, of 5 storeys.

2 Co-operative and Boots demolition to be replaced with 2 floors of retail and then 5 more of Student Housing - would've guessed that?

3 Demolition of Tilemaster/Leyland paints block on New England Street with 9 storey block, being 'affordable homes' above commercial space.

Planning for the year in Round Hill: Some dates are the usual -

  • 4 Reporters, March, June, October and December.
  • Six (?) Playsafe dates between Easter and Halloween (Kate R to fix),
  • a Dog Show linked to the June PlaySafe (Thanks to Jan).
  • Advent windows (Miriam) this year to promote Seasonal Singing date on number sheet (as agreed earlier).
  • One or two Tidy-up Days.
  • In addition we spoke of celebrating our 20th anniversary. Miriam will seek photographs from residents, via our Facebook page, which may feature in a calendar to mark the year - coming out on the 20th anniversary (Sept 2019) for the following calendar year.
  • We may also try to run a 20th Anniversary event - perhaps at the Roundhill pub - and perhaps a bigger and better Annual Social meeting?
  • Jan told us more of her big garden event in late May. Ex-resident Sam Chittenden has written a play based on elements of Round Hill (the several laundries and their female workers and the hospital for women and their children once at 101 Round Hill Crescent). It will be performed as part of the Brighton Festival on the 25th, 26th and 27th May. (Sam directed her own play 'So you Say' in Brighton Festival last year, and its on in London now. She is directing another play in Brighton in February at the New Venture Theatre - tickets available now).


1. PCSO Steven Green has been in touch to say the Police have satisfactorily settled the drug dealing emanating from the basement of 16 Richmond Road, and the dealer is back at home. Whilst they will be keeping a watch, they consider the case closed. We should perhaps keep an eye open as well.

2. The B&H Food Project have taken on the running of the vegetable plot in Saunders Park. They will be there alternate Wednesdays (30th Jan being the next) from 9.30 to 12.30, volunteers welcome to be there and assist.

Stefania arrived just as we closed the meeting at 9.25pm but some stayed to chat a while.

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