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RHS Minutes 2021-07-07

Mins of July 7th 2021 RHS meeting at 7pm.

Present: Andrew, Kate R, Gary, Summer, Rob. Apologies: Jamie, Jo, Kate W.

Minutes for June meeting agreed without amendment.

Next meeting: Monday 9th August 7pm. Only to be held if needed, if weather/Covid permit @ 51 Upper Lewes Rd's back garden (Robs). Otherwise Zoom.

Finance: nothing new to report from Andrew.

Items arising from Public Notice of Agenda:

Dog poo stencils and spray paint – local resident has requested additional stencilling work in their road due to increased ‘fouling’. There was also a comment that the last paint used disappeared quickly so should we use something more permanent This was discussed and the more washable paint is used so that stencils can be applied more frequently and with greater impact – a fresh stencil in a hot spot is more likely to deter. Kate will discuss both with Eva.

Recycling reminder – local resident suggested we remind people how to recycle again. Sharron has offered to review and refresh her A5 flyer. We can include in October Reporter when students return - Kate R ask Sharron to action.

Round Hill Heroes: At Andrew's suggestion we decided not to launch a new scheme, but go for a low key 'Letter of thanks from the Committee'. Rob will draft and circulate something for Barry, Kate R will update Annie R and Jane P who have proposed him.

Website sub-group report: Gary outlined the content of Monday's Zoom meeting. Gradually getting every member active as site editor, and collecting ideas for 'headings' on the front page. Notes are accessible to us all on the Round Hill shared Google Drive. Rob will try again to get working access for Summer.

Communal Bins: no new information.

Garden Building proposal for 7 Richmond Road: The committee approved retrospectively Rob's objection on behalf of the Committee - needed as deadline was passing. We noted that an excellent long and detailed objection has also been submitted.

Long Wall Activity: Rob reported on a meeting of Tuesday led by Hannah Barker, Community Engagement Officer at the Council, with Nicola Mansfield, working on the Grafffit Reduction Strategy at CityClean, two local community artists and Barry Hughes of Sylvan Hall RA. The outcome seems to be a likelihood of artists being allowed (by the Council) to put up new art, mainly with a greening/wildlife theme.Some additional art may even be approved for later this month - but it will be replaced by the discussed theme in due course. A further meeting will happen on Friday, at which Rob will emphasise greenery and history as our preferred themes, and urge the involving of residents living opposite. Rob will also contact Annie R and update her. Summer may suggest alien abduction of windmill to Daryl, and she pointed out that taggers may give more respect to big bold images rather than pretty leafy ones. We agreed to use the RH Facebook noticeboard to update the community.

The meeting ended at 8pm, in time for some football to be enjoyed.

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