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RHS Minutes 2021-09-06

Minutes of the Sept 2021 RHS committee meeting - at 51 Upper Lewes Road, 7pm on Monday 6th Sept.

Andrew, Kate R, Gary and Rob were present. Apologies received from Jamie, Stefania and Jo.

We agreed to hold the next meeting 4th October 7pm at 51 Upper Lewes Road.

The minutes of the August meeting were agreed as correct. There were no additional matters arising.

The Website Group have not made any progress since last report. After discussion we agreed that we must either abandon the idea or get it done. First step is to see if Stefania can get the group together to go through using Wordpress and agree headings/links. We can also raise the issue at AGM to see if there may be other sources of help.

Communal Bins - After discussion Andrew agreed to draft a letter to the Council urging them to involve the Society from the very beginning of any forthcoming consultation. We agreed not to pursue the many issues discussed at the last meeting and summarised in Gary's draft letter until we hear from the Council.

Zone J parking review - Rob sent the circulated draft letter (outlining some of the issues raised by the documentation, but not addressed by it) to the City Transport department just before consultation closed.

Good Gym - we agreed to do the Catcreep work (and possible cutting back on Wakefield Rd) on 14th September even though the Good Gym volunteers have fallen through. Kate will publicise on RH Facebook Noticeboard - start at 6pm, meet top of Catcreep, max 90 minutes working, please bring shears, secateurs, loppers and gloves. Andrew will put notice in top N'board. Rob will do lower one and send message to Friends of RH.

Long Wall update - Hannah Barker (Council Community Engagement Officer leading for them on proposed mural) urged us to compile evidence of public engagement re the long wall future, and prepare costings and details of planned artwork. Rob submitted the first element analysing the letter response (people living opposite the wall) and the many Facebook responses on our Noticeboard. The artists did the rest and the documents will go before the Committee on 8th Sept to consider whether to help fund it.

October Reporter - 14th Sept deadline for copy, Kate R will contact Sharron Davies re recycling guide page. Other content will be Notice of AGM and need for new committee members (Kate R will draft something on the ideal Communications Member), HOD houses and walks report, Catcreep Cutback, Mural update, Communal Bin update (?), Dogmess stencilling redone, Gazebo for hire.

AGM planning - Rob will approach SA, Rehab Centre and Jolly Brewer re possible room hire for 7 - 9pm one weekday in period 1st Nov to 12th Nov. Meeting will be 7.30 start. Andrew will not be standing so will need Treasurer.

Meeting closed at 8pm.

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