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RHS Minutes 2021-10-04

Minutes of the RHS committee meeting of 4th October 2021 @ 51 Upper Lewes Rd, 7pm.

Present & Apologies: Eva, Gary, Jamie and Kate R sent apologies, Andew, Stefania, Joanne and Rob were present.

The date and place of the next meeting will be decided by the new committee after the AGM.

The minutes of the Sept meeting were agreed as accurate. We also agreed that, in future we would agree/amend the minutes by email soon after they are circulated. This will allow them to be posted on the website much quicker.

Website group - has not been able to meet. Will seek new members at the AGM. Communal Bins - the roll-out has been delayed.

Long Wall update - the committee agreed we would receive and distribute the Council cash for the mural process, so long as we label each transaction with 'Mural'. The call for more consultation by the Community Engagement Officer was discussed. There is another Wall Group meeting planned for Friday at 3pm.

Zoom subscription - we agreed to renew for another month on 13th October so that it is available if we have to hold a Zoom AGM.

We agreed not to renew the BHHC membership - Rob will inform BHHC membership secretary Barry Hughes.

AGM planning - Stefania will circulate the paperwork from last AGM to guide our creating this year's paperwork. Agenda and Treasurers report will both appear on the website, and the facebook page used to point folk at it. We will urge Kate R to mention AGM a few more times before it happens, Rob will do same with Friends of RH email group. Jamie will be asked to approach the person he knows who may take on Treasurer role. Someone (Kate R) will present highlights of last year.

AOB: Needles and more have appeared on catcreep again. Need to promote Council collection service, acccessed via Council website.

Jo spoke of her interest in promoting reduced food waste. Fair Share (where she volunteers) have just produced an A5 8 page guide and she will see if we might be permitted to use some of the content in a future Reporter.

There has been some interest in securing a lockable weatherproof bike shelter for the Hill. Those interested in paying for this are pursuing the best location.

We are now aiming for a spring Blue Plaque unveiling. Rob is planning details, including people to invite to the unveiling. Andrew agreed to identify possible guests from the Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

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