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RHS Minutes 2022-03-08

Minutes of RHS meeting Tuesday 8th March 2022

Present: Jamie, Eva, Kate, Gary and Rob at 51 Upper Lewes Road, 7pm. (apologies received from Stefania, Jo and Julia).

Matters arising from Feb meeting:

Kate reported that the toad count is going ahead with volunteers using Kate's online spreadsheet to record their chosen recording days, and then uploading their count details. This year the toad activity has been later starting and newt numbers are down, but it has been cold and dry. The dog mess situation is clearly worse than usual despite both posters and stencilled messages.

Gary raised the paperwork and float he received from Andrew. We agreed that older paperwork could go but he should keep the float. Gary agreed to let Rob know if £10 has been received from Kay our Yoga class advertiser.

Eva has obtained suitable 'thank you for all your work over the years' gift tokens for Andrew Partington and Kate Rice, which she will deliver along with cards we all signed. Eva will claim the cost back from Gary.

The future role of the Society:

There are several things now happening in the community which have happened without the Society having a key role - traffic calming/low traffic neighbourhood, greening/planters, street play events, Jubilee Street Party. How should the Society interact with these schemes?

We know that the bank account function is important and used. Whilst much is discussed on the Round Hill Neighbourhood Facebook page, the paper Reporter has a place reaching non-Facebook households. The broadly democratic nature of the Society (through its open Annual Meetings) give it useful credibility with Council, Councillors, other organisations and even local schemes (Dominic asked for RHS support for his traffic calming bid at the next Environment, Transport and Sustainability Council meeting).

There was some debate about how many people use the Reporter, the website (, and the Facebook page. Eva noted that in her 5+ years she has been contacted just twice as a committee member. Ted may have stats for website visits, I have asked him today (9th March). The possibility of registering a 'Round Hill Society' user with Jane Power so that the Society can be seen to have an existence every day was discussed. Jamie agreed to explore this area. It might have to be one committee member, who would have to agree to post as agreed by all. A simple approach might be to post urging people to use the Reporter when raising issues and concerns, or celebrating/promoting events.

We also discussed the Conservation Advisory Group and Commemorative Plaque Panel. Both bodies have regular meetings and the Society could be represented on them (we are on the latter). And the Reporter could report back on activities in those groups.

We set a date for the next meeting, to which we will invite some ex-committee members and current activists not on the committee to continue discussing the future role of the RHS. It will be at Jamie's 7pm on the 4th April.

We also spoke of a possible party in Jan's Garden in June.

The meeting ended at about 8.35pm.

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