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RHS Minutes 2022-05-09

Present: Jo, Gary, Eva, Kate, Julia Apologies from Jamie, Stefania, Rob, Summer


1) Everyone to re-read the constitution before Rob leaves to make sure we’re not missing anything

2) Gary to attend Laura-Kate’s meeting about Jubilee Party (5th June) on 10th May to ask questions below and share answers with the group afterwards via email:

      a) Is Laura-Kate (L-K) waiting for finances from the committee for anything?

      b)  Did L-K want people to bring their food or did she want any funding towards that?

      c) Would she be happy for us to have a RHS table?

      d) Canning Street jubilee party is on the 4th June - is L-K in touch with them so she can share their resources? Eva can advise if she wants to be put in touch

3) Rob to let the group know what RHS marketing he has (if any), e.g. bumper stickers

4) Printing the Reporter on recycled paper

      a) Julia/Jamie to ask Maslen if they can print on recycled paper for October edition unless Rob has time to ask for June edition

5) Jo to be the main contact for Facebook going forward

Add the RHS logo in posts - find it in the google group Post about each Society meeting a week before, inviting people to join

6) Rob to confirm his next RH walk!

7) Eva to email Friends of roundhill google group about dog poop stenciling at

8) 6th June is next meeting

      a) Stefania to let the group know if she can host

      b) Make it an open meeting (only tell people who RSVP where it is going to take place)

Meeting agenda


    - What’s the function of the group when there are individual alternative groups?

            - Keep a constant presence to be there for communal support & financial - having a constitution gives us a role with the council

    - How do we secure the reputation of the Society?

            - How are we perceived?

            - Open door meetings?

    - Make meetings on the first Monday of every month at 7.30 pm

Jubilee party

    - RHS table if Laura-Kate is happy with it - leave items on the table:

            - Sign up sheets for becoming a member or friend of the society          

            - Issues of the Reporter

            - If we pay towards the event, leave out a notification that the  event has been sponsored by the Society

            - Cards and/or bumper stickers of RHS

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