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Clean Up with GoodGym

Cat Creep













Cat Creep














A Clear up of the Cats’ Creep and the ivy at the junction of Princes Road and Mayo Road took place on the sunny evening of Tuesday, 18 July 2023.

Members of Goodgym (organised by Stefania Rosso) were present as well as our local Cllr Pete West and 7 Round Hill residents.

Volunteers pruned the overhanging braches along the Cats' Creep and cut back vegetation on the steps.

Cat Creep












Top two photos by Dominic Furlong.

Another team was based at the junction of Princes Road and Mayo Road and cut back the ivy so that the seat could be used.

Mayo Road














Note: the above photo is from a previous clean-up.

Click here for reports on previous clean-ups.

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