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Cat Creep Graffiti
With the problem of graffiti on the increase and after a big spate of mindless tagging on both buildings and vehicles, I contacted the Council via their website ( and received a response from their graffiti team. On a dull, damp day in January, a representative from the Council walked the Round Hill area with me to inspect and make notes. He was extremely knowledgeable about the subject and recognised many of the tags and was able to identify the culprits. His advice was as follows:

The Three R s for the Victim of Graffiti
Record it.

Take a photo or get someone else to take a photo of the graffiti, Make note of when your first saw the graffiti, if not sure ask a neighbour.

Report it

Report it to Brighton and Hove City Council.

Remove it

Get the graffiti removed or painted over as soon as possible; graffiti artists are less likely to return to a wall that is cleaned regularly.

The area at the top of the 'Cat Creep' is regularly painted over by members of the Youth Offending Team

by Vivien Eliades, March 2005
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