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Daily security

  • Keep all wallets, credit cards and car keys out of sight and out of reach.
  • If you leave your house empty, even if you are in the back garden, lock all the doors and windows
  • An intruder alarm can be an effective deterrent against burglars
  • Make it a habit to mark your valuables by using your postcode and house number or name
  • Some articles are unsuitable for marking so photograph them next to a ruler
  • Register your property at

After Dark

  • Leave some lights on if it will be dark when you get home
  • When you go out in the evening, always leave a light on in a room that cannot be peered into from the road
  • Fit security lighting that can detect movement

Front Door Security

  • Don’t let anyone into your home that you don’t know. Always ask for identification – official visitors won’t mind being asked for ID.
  • Fit a door chain or bar and, if you have a solid front door, a wide angle door viewer

In the Garden

  • Ensure that gates or access to the rear of the house are locked and secure
  • Trim overgrown plants – don’t give burglars a hiding place
  • Secure garden tools and ladders in a locked shed or garage to prevent them being used to break in to your home.
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