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Jumble Trail

First ever Round Hill "JUMBLE TRAIL"

26 stallholders signed up to Round Hill's first ever Jumble Trail. Nearly 30 stalls took part in what turned out to be very enjoyable.

Thank you to the organisers (Laura Kate, Kate and Jane) and also to all buyers, sellers and everyone who entered into the spirit of the event.

Although Round Hill has had previous Table Top Sales and events with stalls, the trails we have had in the past have been limited to Artists' Open Houses and Open Gardens. With the Jumble Trail, nobody had to pay any admission fee, yet there were similar opportunities to meet neighbours.













Thanks to Elizabeth for supplying the above photo and allowing it to be used here ]

Having stalls outside residents' own houses also increased the probability of making new contacts in ones own street. Although having stalls altogether in a line has the advantage of creating a marketplace, the idea of a "Trail" means less carrying for sellers and gives buyers opportunity for a pleasant stroll as well as the anticipation of finding something different around the next corner. Feedback from residents suggests that several would like The Jumble Trail to become a regular event.













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