Gardens & wildlife

Green Hill

by Rob Stephenson from The Round Hill Reporter June 2010

The welfare of the hill’s wildlife has always been high up the agenda for residents. Jan and Rusty Curry’s wildlife garden first came to attention as the location for the Round Hill garden party in 2001. Since then their impressive project has won a succession of awards and even an appearance at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2004.

In 2001, the Society supported a city-wide gardening promotion with special Round Hill Society plant boxes which were built by pupils at Dorothy Stringer school and sold to members. Some people thought the RHS stencilled on the side stood for something else and a few rare specimens still survive!

The tradition continues with spectacular Round Hill gardens becoming a popular attraction in the annual Garden Gadabout organised by the Sussex Beacon.

Local residents have also fought strongly to defend open spaces in the neighbourhood. Although continually under threat of development, some of these green oases survive to nourish wildlife and lend a graceful counterpoint to the urban grain.

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