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Guided history walk

by Diana Truscott from The Round Hill Reporter September 2003

[Walk led by Rosemary Fittock and Chris Tullet]

On 16 July Rosemary, ably assisted by Chris, conducted another walk through the Round Hill area. We met at the New Vic pub as usual and mustered twenty-three people and one dog. Our number included several children who behaved beautifully.

A little way into Richmond Road, Chris told us about his own house and some others and then we proceeded into Mayo Road, where we talked outside the site of the laundry (the new flats at Mayo Court). Thence we proceeded up Prince’s Road to the rear of Jen and Marigold’s house, where many of the group had reminiscences to add to Rosemary’s commentary.

We passed on to Ditchling Road and then into Hollingdean Lane, to the Jewish Cemetery and the abattoir. We retraced our steps up Hollingdean Lane and then into Belton Road to the site of the windmill and bakery. After that, we walked down Ditchling Road, looking at a few of the original villas and into the Sylvan Hall estate on the corner of Upper Lewes Road. Chris had personal information to impart about this estate.

We walked up Wakefield Road to Fern Villa, where Lucy had kindly said we could explore the garden and magnificent view. Some of the party had not previously been aware of its existence, it is so secluded. We concluded with a climb down the Cat Creep and a stroll along Round Hill Crescent to No. 5 D’Aubigny Road, where we paused, and then finally to the site of the railway station and more information from Chris.

A very enjoyable time was had by all and we were extremely fortunate to find a window between thunderstorms. Thanks to both Rosemary and Chris.
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