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Second Round Hill history quiz

by Rob Stephenson from The Round Hill Reporter -  December 2010

How much do you know about Brighton, Hove and Round Hill? Click here for Answers.

1. In which year did Brighton and Hove officially ‘join’ to become Brighton & Hove?

2. In which year did Brighton & Hove become a city?

3. What was Brighton known as before it was named in 1810?

4. What is Brighton & Hove’s population?

5. Who designed the West Pier?

6. In which year did the naturist beach open?

What do these Saxon place terms mean?

7. Coomb (as in Moulsecoomb)?

8. Dean or dene (as in Saltdean or

9. Bury (as in Hollingbury)?

10. Tun or ton (as in Brighton)?

11. Mere or mer (as in Stanmer)?

12. Twitten?

13. Ham(as in Patcham)?

14. What was the name of the Round Hill windmill?

15. What were the family names of the two main landowners of Round Hill in the 19th century?

16. What was the main roofing material in Round Hill during the Victorian period?

17. What is the name of the cheap building material often used in Victorian Round Hill houses because bricks were expensive?

18. Lennox Road, Round Hill was never built – was do we now know it as?

19. There were two factories in Round Hill in the early 20th century – what did they make? (two answers)

20. What was Brighton General Hospital originally built as?

21. What is the ‘Lewes Rd Board School’ now?

22. In which year was the Lewes Rd railway
viaduct demolished?

23. What was the Lewes Rd railway station
used for after the Brighton to Kemptown passenger railway closed in 1933?

24. In which street in Round Hill was the Lewes Rd Hospital and Dispensary for women and children located in 1905?

25. Which dangerous disease broke out in Round Hill and Bevendean in 1950?

26. The Martha Gunn was named in 1973 – what was it originally called?

27. Which local pub suffered a direct hit from a ‘screaming bomb’ in 1940?

28. What was the Upper Lewes Rd originally called?

Click here for Answers.

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