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Ashdown Road

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The blue links (door numbers) link to the 1891 census records and will allow you to find out the names of all the household occupants:

 Richmond Road    Richmond Road    
    gardens & wall vista  office / workshop    
1 Telegraph Linesman   2 Laundry Carrier    
3 Sorting Clerk P.O.   4 Coach Trimmer    
5 Clerk House Agent   6 Post Office Telegraphist    
7 Sign Writer   8 Bricklayer    
9 Trimmer railway works   8 Dressmaker    
11 Plasterer   10 Laundryman    
13 Gas Fitter   12 Laundry Superintendant    
    rear gardens   vista  rear gardens    
 Roundhill Crescent    Roundhill Crescent    

Practise using the Census data site e.g. study of Ashdown Road

  1. At complete these fields ONLY:
    • Surname: Mussabini
    • First name: S
    • Census County: Sussex
    • Census Place: Brighton
    • Census Year: 1891
  2. Click the SEARCH button
  3. Select for all the information
  4. Continue viewing data for more households in the same street (or one nearby) by clicking the or buttons

You will gather data on everybody living in Ashdown Road in 1891, including servants.

A known resident is S MUSSABINI of 5 Ashdown Rd (born in Kent)

Another is William STRAUGHAN  of 4 Ashdown Rd (born in London)

Another is Henry Edwin DAPP of 3 Ashdown Rd (born in Sussex)

The lets you fill in the street name. Take care to shorten "Ashdown Road" to "Ashdown Rd". The birth county is optional.


























When the houses were built

1880 1-9 Ashdown Road.

1880 2-12 Ashdown Road.

1883 11 & 13 Ashdown Road.

1929 2 Ashdown Road: 10 garages 11 stores

Resources which may help

Check the Ashdown Road plots on the 1897 Map on the National Library of Scotland's website.

  • The gaps between the terraces at the four corners of Ashdown Road continuing the green vistas provided by the rear gardens of properties in Richmond Road and Roundhill Crescent.
  • The first plot on the E side is an outbuilding (later a garage).
    Then comes no. 2 Ashdown Road, which includes an underpass.

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