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D'Aubigny Road

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Circa 1891

House Occupant Age Occupation
1 James TOWNER 61 Builder
1 Jane TOWNER 61 wife
3 James DOVELL 70 Retired Building Surveyor
4 George WYMARK 74 Retired Tea Dealer
4 Jane WYMARK 72 Wife
5 Thomas BEALE 66 Corn Merchant
5 Ruth BEALE 53 Wife
6 William EVERETT 45 Retail Hatter
6 Mary EVERETT 59 Wife
6 Mary GOLDSWORTHY 18 (Stepdaughter) Perfumer
7 William DEVAL 62 Deputy Custodian Planter
7 Amy DEVAL 56 private means
7 Emily DEVAL 59 private means
7 Sophia DEVAL 52 sister
9 Charles MERCER 61 Insurance Agent
9 Ann MERCER 66 wife
9 Elizabeth MERCER 21 General Sevant
11 Thomas BARBER 29 Railway Clerk
11 Sophia BARBER 31 wife
13 James MANTELL 30 Postal Stamper
13 Maria MANTELL 30 Wife
15 Alfred FREEMAN 60 Railway Porter
15 Elizabeth FREEMAN 61 Wife

What else is known about the above people?

Also living at No.4 is Maggie CAMERON (aged 14) a domestic servant. Twenty years earlier, George and Jane Wymark are shown living at 59 Western Road Brighton with a 16-year-old daughter, Catherine, and an 18 year-old general servant called Elizabeth SCRACE. George's occupation in 1871 is given as "Milliner".

Also living at No. 6 is Emma WINDEAT (aged 56) sister to Mary EVERETT and two (WINDEAT) daughters as well as Fanny TURNER (aged 20) general servant.

At No 11, the young couple have two very young children - Stanley (aged 3) and Nora (aged 1) BARBER. They also have a lodger John HARYETT (aged 30) an Engine Fitter.

1. James and Jane Towner are listed in the 1871 population census, as both aged 41 and resident at 14 Lewes Road. James is already a builder.

4. In July 1878,Towner and Denham build No.4 (George and Jane Wymark's  house D'AUBIGNÉ VILLA) at the south east end of the street. In Nov 1878, they build No.17 - a small house at the north end. In Dec 1878, they are also building No.1 (Towner's own house) at the south west end. In March 1878, Towner continues work at the south west end of the street by building No. 3

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When the houses were built

1868 D'Aubigny Road 1 house

1878 4 D'Aubigny Road

1878 1 and 1a D'Aubigny Road

1878 17 D'Aubigny Road

1879 D'Aubigny Road 1 house

1879 3 D'Aubigny Road

1894 8, 10 & 12 D'Aubigny Road

1895 14 D'Aubigny Road station master's house London Brighton & South Coast Railway

Most of the houses in D'Aubigny Road date from circa 1878.

In the 1871 population census, only a lodging house (Viaduct House) is listed in D'Aubigny Road run by James Fuller, a 58-year-old gardener and his 55-year-old wife, Caroline Fuller. The boarders are Samual Saunders 22 and Joseph Saunders 20 (both labourers from Poole Dorset) and Samual Gregory 24 (a labourer from Hampshire). 

In spite of the above, The street directory for 1871 lists no houses present. It is possible that Viaduct House was used as a base while Lewes Road Station - first stop on the Kemp Town branch line - was being constructed. The Kemp Town branch line  was opened by Brighton and South Coast Railway on Monday 2nd August 1869 to stop rival companies reaching Brighton via Kemp Town.

Lewes Road Station on top of the viaduct at the junction of Richmond Road and D'Aubigny Road was on land which is now part of The Centenary Industrial Estate. It was added to the Kemp Town branch line in 1873 - and actually constructed before London Road Brighton station came into existence on the Brighton to Lewes line.

Early Station Masters at Lewes Road railway station

Local street directories record Mr Anguille as living at Lewes Road railway station in 1874 and 1875 and Mr William Burtenshaw as living there in 1878.

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