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A history of our planning concerns

This history recorded through illustrated PDF documents is a recent one. It is intended to give some background to people who are new to Round Hill or to planning issues in our conservation area.


  • 33 flats proposed for backland plot in Princes Road
  • BHCC review of our conservation area character statement
  • Development at Hollingdean Depot looms: birth of the Dump The Dump campaign (initially called Refuse Refuse).


  • Successive proposals for 21 flats and 9 three-storey houses on back land off Princes Road
  • Open gardens event shows the value of our green space
  • Proposal to build 5 units of housing to the east of the Cat Creep
  • Defenders of the Ouse Valley DOVE oppose Newhaven incinerator
  • Large scale opposition to proposals for a Waste Transfer Station and Materials Recovery Facility at Hollingdean Depot
  • Veolia's planning proposals are approved in spite of large number of objections


  • BHCC's Urban Chraracterisation Study of Round Hill
  • Proposed development on former Esso Garage site in Hollingdean Road
  • Council admits that attempted removal of Round Hill's Victorian street light columns was in error
  • Ashdown Road development recommended for approval
  • Answers to critics of Controlled Parking Zones (Note that The Round Hill Society remained neutral)
  • Earthship proposal to develop open space to the west of the Cat Creep.


  • Carelet tries to sell their plot with planning permission for 4 houses
  • Carelet uses the expected CPZ to resuscitate a rejected scheme for 6 houses and gets it accepted on condition that the occupants would not be entitled to parking permits
  • Matsim proposes demolition of Richmond House to be replaced by 3 and 5 storey buildings providing 15 rooms and 129 studio rooms respectively. This proposal for 144 rooms is refused
  • Arguments against the social segregation and scapegoating of students
  • In the run-up to the second consultation on whether to adopt a CPZ, more arguments about the potential benefits to pedestrians and ability of residents to park

2013 continued

  • Veolia's proposals to extend opening hours, to include weekends denying neighbours of respite from noise
  • One of the quickest dashes from consultation to planning, writing The Plans List when only 18 out of 103 objections had been read
  • Noise impact assessment anything but "robust". Disappointment with Environment Agency
  • Rush to commence construction in Ashdown Road
  • 2nd proposal to demolish Richmond House and replace it with a 138-room student hostel. Refused.
  • Carelet's proposal for even taller 3-storey houses
  • Concerns begin RE land between Belton Road and Crescent Road


  • Proposal for 5 residential flats to the rear of 28A Crescent Road
  • Tree felling on the open space between Crescent Road and Belton Road
  • Appeal against refusal of 138-room hostel to replace Richmond House dismissed
  • Crescent Road application withdrawn and 2nd application registered claiming permitted development
  • Campaign to get London Road Station added to BHCC's list of heritage assets
  • Richmond House's proposed use as a Drug & Alcohol Recovery Centre operated by Cranstoun's
  • Liaison with local residents including The Round Hill Society. Cranstoun's proposal is approved
  • Destruction of a much loved mountain ash tree
  • Proposal to erect a two storey three bedroom house to the rear of Roundhill Crescent and to make alterations to the boundary wall


  • Demonstration against cutting City Parks Rangers
  • Further removal of Round Hill's street lights
  • Say "No" to industrial / commercial waste at Hollingdean Depot
  • Application for 4 two bedroom houses on land to the rear of 28A Crescent Road
  • Campaign to get London Road Station added to BHCC's list of heritage assets
  • 2nd application on land to rear of 101 Roundhill Crescent for 1 three bedroom dwelling and alterations to the boundary wall
  • Object to proposal to operate Hollingdean Depot on Boxing Day
  • Application for flats in place of the Signalman pub garden
  • Concerns about neighbourhood policing

PDF Documents presented at 2017 AGM

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