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Applications to increase parking stress

2022 Update: the most recent application (BH2021/04390) by the residents from the four dwellings at 28 Crescent Road to remove the car-free condition on their properties was approved on 8th June 2022 by 5 votes FOR and 2 AGAINST.

Subsequently, under Parking Services' policy (agreed at ETS Committee in September 2022) resident permits (first issued because of an administrative error in failing to amend the Traffic Regulation Order) will continue to be issued to the four dwellings at 28 Crescent Road.

In the case of the six Navichas houses on backland off Princes Road (formerly owned by Carelet), the most recent application (BH2022/02050) to remove condition 8 (residents parking permit entitlement) of planning application BH2017/00175) was granted.

However, the removal of the condition does not necessarily mean that occupiers will be eligible for residents' parking permits. In the decision document dated 25th August 2022, the applicant was advised that details of the development will be passed to BHCC as Traffic Authority administering the Controlled Parking Zone, of which the development forms part, so they can determine whether occupiers should be eligible for residents' parking permits.


Details of THREE SITES in Round Hill where car-free conditions were imposed on new development and links to arguments in favour of the retention of these restrictions.

1. 28A CRESCENT ROAD APP/Q1445/W/19/3231412

See full appeal decision [note split decision]

The appeal is dismissed insofar as it relates to the removal of condition 12 attached to planning permission Ref BH2018/00433, dated 12 November 2018. Procedural Matters. i.e. The development shall be implemented in accordance with the scheme for the restriction of residents' parking permits.

Land to the rear of 28 Crescent Road

Application BH2019/00072

  1. The Round Hill Society's objection to removal of car-free condition
  2. Dominic Furlong's critique of inaccurate figures on parking stress calculates that parking stress for Crescent Road is 110% - well over the 80% recommended maximum.
  3. 15 points to make in response to the two surveys.


Note that it has now been decided that this remains a car-free development. BH2018/00881 was REFUSED









  1. Application to remove car-free condition 8
  2. Criticisms of supporting document & parking survey
  3. Further variation of design of Gatehouse & Refuse / Recycling

With the addition of 6 cars, Section 4.3 of the parking survey arrives at an average parking stress figure of 89.27% (the maximum should be 90%) based on just two off-beat surveys within quiet months of the year.

Resident Neil Griffiths argues that the figure of 89.3% given in the parking survey submitted with BH2018/00881 is wrong.


The parking survey (see supporting statement)  BH2018/00881 measures night time parking on 23rd November 2017 and 16th January 2018. 

But these are hardly as busy dates as May festival, Pride Weekend, Christmas and Easter holidays.


Additional flats: 3 Upper Lewes Rd & 1A/1B Wakefield Rd

Note the most recent application BH2020/01074 has now been granted and condition 7 of the decision document ensures that occupants of the 2 additional flats do not have eligibilty for residents' parking permits.

BH2018/03222 for 3 additional flats was previously granted and a similar condition imposed. See comment for & on behalf of BHCC's Highways.

Note the policies quoted to support car-free conditions: TR7 and QD27 of the local plan, CP9 of the City Plan and Supplementary Planning Document SPD14 on car-free housing.

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