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Car Free Sample Comment

There are 180+ roads (over 1000+ properties) on Brighton and Hove City Council’s list of Car free roads and properties.

Removal of a car-free condition would not remove Princes Road Nos. 1,2,3,4,5 & 6 Chestnut Close from the above list.

Residents at nearby 28A Crescent Road (who were successful in getting a car-free condition removed) were advised that "Separately to the planning process, the transport team could still consider the development should be car free." See ADVICE 1 application BH2018/00433. The same advice applies to the Princes Road car-free development.

It is therefore unclear what the applicant seeks to gain by applying for removal of a planning condition which is now considered redundant.

If more of the 1000 properties follow the example of proposal BH2022/02050 now under consideration, it would become a huge waste of Council Officers’ and the Planning Committee’s time.

I would however urge the Transport Team not to consider removal of a redundant car-free condition as a first step towards amendment of the Traffic Regulation Order.

Application BH2022/02050 lacks any reference to SPD 14 Parking Standards, which is the very policy most relevant to the delivery of car-free housing. SPD 14 requires the applicant to demonstrate capacity for on-street parking in the immediate vicinity of the site and in the surrounding area through an on-street parking survey. BH2022/02050 includes no such survey.

Contrary to CMK’s contention in section 4.11 of their planning statement, permission for development on the application site would clearly have been at risk without the car-free condition. Three appeal inspectors (APP/Q1445/A/05/1178381 J. Mansell Jagger, APP/Q1445/A/08/2073223 Roger Mather, APP/Q1445/A/10/2131115 Isobel McCretton) ruled development out on this site due to on-street parking stress / highway safety. The condition, which BH2022/02050 now asks to be removed, allowed 6 houses to be constructed on the application site in the first place.

See Car Free Navichas - longer critique of their application to remove a redundant car-free condition.

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