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Proposed Communal Bins for Round Hill Consultation now delayed

The November 2020 Round Hill Reporter mentioned CityClean’s upcoming consultation, regarding the proposal to introduce communal bins in Round Hill. This followed an audit by CityClean as part of their cost-reducing modernisation programme. The plan was to present the result of the consultation to the BHCC’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee (ETSC) in September 2021, but the consultation itself has now been delayed until further notice. In the context of industrial action by CityClean's workforce, there can be no guarantee to empty communal bins daily as required.

A small group of neighbours from Round Hill Crescent, Ashdown Road, D’Aubigny Road and Richmond Road became aware of the January 2021 meeting of the ETSC at short notice and presented a deputation objecting to the proposal. They felt that the named streets did not meet CityClean’s audit criteria and would therefore be unsuitable as communal bin locations. Ongoing issues with CityClean’s management of existing communal bins were seen as likely to cause additional issues:

  • Overflowing rubbish, including bulky items, food waste and broken glass presenting a health hazard and obstructing access despite planned daily collections
  • Reduced recycling rates due to increased contamination
  • Greater anonymity exacerbating fly-tipping and improper waste disposal
  • Degrading of our conservation area, by being unsightly, poorly designed and attractive targets for graffiti

Arguments in favour of communal bins are understood, however it’s felt few people would like to have one outside their home and that nearby bins on the Upper Lewes Road that have been present for several years have not been made to work. We think finding suitable locations for communal bins in Round Hill will be extremely difficult without encroaching on peoples’ properties or sacrificing valued communal spaces such as planters or bike racks. Other areas of the city such as the North Laine and Hanover have also reported concerns including residents incorrectly being accused of fly tipping. Wheelie bins work successfully here so why change them?

BHCC will confirm the timeline for the consultation, proposed locations of the communal bins and collection schedule within the consultation document.

When the consultation is launched, please ensure you take the opportunity to consider the impact on all our homes, spread the word to your neighbours and submit your response in the designated time frame. It is of course acknowledged that some roads may welcome communal bins and also fit CityClean’s criteria, so it is important for all opinions to be heard. We hope the consultation process and results will be fully transparent and subject to scrutiny. If you want to discuss this further, please use the RH Community Noticeboard on Facebook or contact the Round Hill Society by email; the RHS will continue to keep this important issue on their monthly agenda and promote community engagement with the consultation.

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