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Conservation Area Character Statement

A conservation area character statement is a document that describes the special architectural, historical, and cultural qualities that make a particular area worthy of preservation and protection. The purpose of a character statement is to provide a clear understanding of the features that contribute to the area's distinctive character and to identify the elements that should be protected or enhanced.

A conservation area character statement typically includes information on the area's history, architecture, landscape, and cultural significance. It may also contain guidance on design principles and materials that should be used in any new development or changes to existing buildings within the area, in order to maintain its character.

The statement is usually developed by the local authority or a conservation organisation in consultation with local residents, stakeholders, and experts. It is an important tool for managing development within the conservation area and for ensuring that any changes made are sympathetic to the area's special character.


Round Hill's Conservation Area Character Statement was last revised in 2005 by Senior Planning Officer Lesley Johnston. It consists of a definition of the special character of the area, spaces and vistas, materials used for construction, and a description of buildings. It contains a 'history of the area' summary and an assessment ('audit').

An up-to-date character statement would take account of the 2019  guidance provided by Historic England, especially area-specific policies (see para. 69), a management plan (see para. 82), and design guidance (see paras. 87 and 89).

Round Hill resident Michael Doyle, a town planner and urban designer, has kindly offered to work on behalf of RHS to update the Statement to make it fit for purpose in 2023. He has already produced a first draft.

The final draft would then be offered up to the Council for consultation and adoption as ‘Supplementary Planning Guidance.

The updated Statement will provide clarity for residents and the Council when making critical decisions that affect the neighbourhood.

The revised and updated Statement could potentially form the first few chapters of a future ‘Neighbourhood Plan’ for Round Hill - design, conservation, trees, open space, and public realm.

Given the recent interest in public realm enhancements and traffic calming, the revised Statement (the public realm and management plan chapters) would help build the case for investment in the public realm and enhancement of the conservation area.

See Michael Doyle's article on page 5 of the summer 2023 issue of The Round Hill Reporter.

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