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The Brighton and Hove Recovery Service is still at Richmond House Richmond Road Brighton BN2 3FT, but it is now run by
Change Grow Live Tel: (01273) 731900.


BH2013/00197 144 rooms of student accommodation

The proposed 5-storey building would provide 129 ‘studio’ rooms and would be accessed via Hughes Road through the Centenary Industrial Estate. Level 0 will go down to this level. However, there would be a second entrance to this 5-storey building in Richmond Road.

Transport Assessment

Use of industrial estate for student accommodation

BH2013/00197 Refusal

BH2013/02838 138 rooms of student accommodation

Matsims Ltd has lodged a revised application to demolish Richmond House and erect a 138 room student hostel. The proposed building (internal floorspace: 4164.7 sq m) would have over five times more internal floorspace than the existing (internal floorspace: 803 sq metres) pictured below: Richmond House

BH2013/02838 refusal

Student scheme dismissed on 6th June 2014

Matsim's Richmond House appeal dismissed

Matsim's appeal against refusal of their proposed scheme for 138 student units immediately adjoining the Round Hill conservation area (and the junction of Hughes Rd with the Sainsbury supermarket service road) has been dismissed by planning inspector Sukie Tamplin.

BH2015/00493 Cranstoun’s proposal approved

Treatment centre opening in November 2015

New use granted for Richmond House
APPROVED - see The Council's decision

The approval is subject to 9 planning conditions.

Application number: BH2015/00493
Richmond House D’Aubigny Road Brighton BN2 3FT

The application is for Change of use from B1 office to Sui Generis mixed use of B1 office and D1

The entire site will be used by the Pavilions Partnership to deliver and manage the city’s Drug and Alcohol Treatment & Recovery System.

Improvements to the building















 The building has been put into much better repair and is now used as a Drug & Alcohol Recovery Centre run by Pavilions Partnership.

A new use for Richmond House

Report on meeting of Tuesday 16th June 2015





















Thank you to the 22 Round Hill residents who attended the above meeting and also to our ward Councillor and Wendy Taylor, Deputy Director of Cranstoun - the charity which focuses on making life better for those affected by alcohol and drugs. 

There was a good discussion, summarised in the notes (click on the sections in red below)  taken by Annie Rimington, Chair of The Round Hill Society:

background | Richmond House | concerns | next steps

Our questions and Cranstoun's answers

Questions answered at The Round Hill Society's Committee Meeting on Thursday 26th March 2015

We invited Wendy Turner (Deputy Director) and Peter Glass (Director of Operations) from Cranstoun (part of Pavilions Partnership) as well as Kathy Caley (Lead Commissioner for Alcohol and Substance Misuse Services) from Brighton and Hove City Council to address concerns voiced by local residents relating to the use now proposed for Richmond House.

Click here to review our questions and their answers &/or

Download the PDF document prepared by Pavilions for Round Hill residents.

Recovery Centre opens at Richmond House
in December 2015

Richmond House re-opened as a drug and alcohol recovery centre on Monday 14th December 2015 bringing a number of related services in Brighton under one roof. We are grateful to the staff for the open event held on Sunday 13th December giving Round Hill residents an opportunity to meet the team and to look round.













The local residents' association The Round Hill Society has formed close ties with Pavilions Partnership. This umbrella organisation has held several open days to show the public the work and achievements of their constituent users.

The presence of a Drug & Alcohol Recovery Centre gave rise to some initial concerns, but the spirit of cooperation between Pavilions and local residents has done much to allay these. We have held joint sessions to improve the garden surroundings and have formed a Liaison Group which meets as and when necessary to address incidents which may be related to location of a centre which exists to solve problems of addiction.

Drug dealing occurs throughout our city, some involving individual households and parts of Round Hill.  We lament the loss of our dedicated Police Community Support Officer who knew our neighbourhood very well and attended our meetings.


Some of what Pavilions Partnership do

This and previous open days have informed Round Hill residents on how members of this partnership contribute to the effort to help people regain control of their lives. Click here if you are concerned about your use of drugs &/or alcohol or would just like an insight into what the team does.


Gardening at Richmond House

21st MAY 2016 and repeated 22nd APRIL 2017

Click here for illustrated report on last gardening session.











dig for pavilions












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