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Round Hill Liveable Neighbourhood

The Council's Environment, Transport & Sustainability (ETS) Committee has called for an officer's report into making Round Hill a low-traffic neighbourhood, under its Liveable Neighbourhood scheme. This is the best outcome we could have hoped for given the issues we've beeen pushing the Council to do something about, and the range of actions available to the ETS Committee.

The Committee has agreed to look at the three pocket park projects proposed by Round Hill Green Spaces:

(1) The Ditchling Road southbound bus stop at the junction with Princes Crescent. We'd like to make the sizable amount of pavement space at this site a safer and more community-friendly green space with planters and seating to deter the escalating pavement parking problem;

(2) The Richmond Road and Mayo Road junction. At this site we would like to add to the existing planting where the road is already bollarded, incorporating seating, a community noticeboard, a children's library, etc; and

(3) Narrowing the Crescent Road and Princes Crescent junction. We would like this wide and dangerous junction to be narrowed, making it safer for pedestrians walking along on the Princes Crescent - Wakefield Road rat-run. The extra pavement could then be made more attractive with planters.

In addition, the report will consider the traffic-calming measures outlined in the Stop the Round Hill Rat Run petition which relate to Princes Crescent and Wakefield Road. Namely, (1) introduce traffic-calming measures, such as speed bumps and modal filters; (2) review the 20mph road markings and signage; and (3) station a mobile vehicle-activated warning sign along the route.

Finally, the report will also consider improving the lighting on the Cats' Creep beyond the white LED upgrade due to happen in the next couple of months.

Text by Dominic Furlong, author of the Stop the Round Hill Rat Run petition which he presented at the Council's Environment, Transport & Sustainability (ETS) Committee meeting on 16th November 2021.

Cllrs Pete West and Sue Shanks also participated in the meeting and spoke in support of Dominic's request.

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