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The Long Wall

9th July 2021
Source: Rob Stephenson
The Round Hill Community Noticeboad FB Group

the long wall








Things seem to be happening regarding the Long Wall at the bottom of Wakefield Road. The Council has become involved, in the forms of a Community Engagement Officer and the Graffiti Reduction Strategy person. They have brought in a third artist (we had been talking to Sinna1 ( and Moon (studiomoonart on Instagram). Up to now we had been talking about nature/wildlife and history as themes for the wall, but the final go-ahead will be down to the Council, which does seem to be bringing some money to the deal. If you have strong views about the content you could contact the artists directly. Moon's trees were there briefly, a rough from Sinna1 is here as well.

Some artwork may appear this month (w/e 24th), but may be over painted by a finally agreed design later - but it won't be tagging. The finally agreed work should be appearing over the next couple of months, lets hope it lasts.


27th October 2021
Source: Sandy Moon

the long wall




















                     ATTENTION RESIDENTS!

                      The Long Wall Collective

  To whom it may concern in the Round Hill and surrounding area.

We are writing to you about an exciting new mural commission coming soon near your home. We want to share the mural painting design with you.

Brighton and Hove City Council and CityClean have been collaborating with the Round Hill Society and a group of local residents to address the issues faced by the long wall along the western end of Upper Lewes Road and the beginning of Wakefield Road.

We are really pleased to have been awarded funding to support the project from Brighton and Hove City Council’s Housing Improvement Budget.

With regular vandalism along the wall over the years, the proposed design incorporates the delicate flora and fauna along the white cliffs of the South Coastal region and will extend along the length of the wall while sympathetically incorporating the existing ivy (which itself reduces tagging and unsightly graffiti tagging).

The project will be commencing in due course and we aim to work with the local community and residents to create a vision the are can be proud of.

Our aim is to keep each part of the process as transparent as possible so that if you have any questions reservations or concerns then please don’t hesitate to contact us by email.

If you would like to speak to someone from the council, then call, text or WhatsApp Hannah Barker from the Community Engagement Team on 07771 389497 or email

Images shown are part of the proposed design incorporating the flora and fauna of the Sussex Coast.


October 2021
Source: The Round Hill Reporter

Residents of Round Hill and some people living opposite the long wall on the north side of Upper Lewes and Wakefield Roads have been active in over-painting tagging and other marker pen/spray paint vandalism of this wall for many years, and have been keen to find a permanent solution. Recent discussions with Council Officers (Nicki Mansfield, Project Development Officer for Cityclean and Hannah Barker, Community Engagement Officer for BHCC) has resulted in a plan being submitted to the Environmental Improvement Budget Board (part of Housing*) to see if they might help pay for a group of artists to create a mural. Meanwhile we have been gathering views from local residents from our Facebook Noticeboard and by a letter drop to all the homes opposite the wall. The results marginally favour a natural world mural, but retaining the real ivy which has been growing down the wall all year.


4 May 2022
Source: Sandy Moon
Round Hill Community Noticeboard FB Group.

the long wall











the long wall









4th May 2022
comments from The Round Hill Community Noticeboard

“Love how this is looking. Good job people!”

“Yes…how lovely…looks wonderful…so much better than all that horrible graffiti.”

“Love the ladybird and the flutterby.”

the long wall















the long wall













10th May 2022
Source: Sandy Moon
The Round Hill Community Noticeboard FB Group

The next section is taking shape.

the long wall











18th June 2022
Source: Jane Power
The Round Hill Community Noticeboard FB Group

the long wall












the long wall











the long wall












the long wall












the long wall













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